• Front-end development
  • Responsive design
  • Design systems
  • Accessibility
  • Startups


  • HTML, Erb, Haml, Nunjucks
  • CSS, Sass, Emotion
  • JavaScript, Typescript
  • Ruby


  • React, Svelte, Eleventy
  • Storybook
  • Jest, testing library
  • Rails, RSpec
  • Webpack, Rollup, Grunt
  • Github, Gitlab
  • Postgres

Work Experience

Nov 2021 - current
Full Stack Developer
Jan 2020 - Oct 2021
Frontend Software Engineer 2
Building React/Typescript components as part of Storybook managed component libraries
Contributor to engineering standards
Active participant in accessibility, web performance, and diversity and inclusion working groups
Led cross-functional initiative between Design, Content and Engineering to create accessibility checklists
Used Design background to help improve communication and collaboration between disciplines of Design and Engineering
Feb 2019 - Jan 2020
Product Engineer
Building React internal CRM product
Building React components from Zeplin design templates based on atomic design principles
Implementing accessibility improvements to Rails core product
Skills Matter
Jan 2018 - Feb 2019
Fullstack Engineer
Maintenance of large Rails codebase
Introduced small, iterative UX/UI improvements
UI - raspberry pi check-in kiosk
UI - React greenfield internal diary planner
Digital and print graphics
Brand guidelines
Cross-team collaboration
Public speaking on diversity & inclusion in tech
Networking within the software development community at CodeNode
Oct 2015 - May 2019
Technical Co-founder
Created the TreatOut brand & concept
Built MVP in Ruby on Rails
Responsible for PR social outreach
Public speaking within tech and academic community
Grew network of key partnerships
SheCodes Web Design
Oct 2013 - Jan 2018
Worked with individuals, startups & SMEs
Web Development
Digital Marketing
Graphics (digital & print)


Web Performance Masterclass
Harry Roberts, SmashingConf online workshops, Oct 2020

10 hour workshop that journies from the back-end to the front, auditing the performance of real websites.

Front-end Accessibility Masterclass
Marcy Sutton, SmashingConf online workshops, Jun 2020

10 hour workshop on how to approach accessibility with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using modern tools and techniques to eliminate barriers to access in web projects.

Introduction to Web Accessibility
W3C and edX, Apr 2020

Online course covering the broad scope of web accessibility, how people with disabilities use different assistive technologies and adaptive strategies, the business benefits and W3C resources on implementing accessibility.

Reactive Programming Workshop
Damjan Vujnovic, Skills Matter, Dec 2018

Training course - React and Redux and the skills needed to be productive and write elegant, maintainable code.

Advanced Javascript
Damjan Vujnovic, Skills Matter, Oct 2018

Training course - how to write good code by employing Javacsript's good features and avoiding its quirks and common pitfalls.

Giving Engaging Technical Talks
Jenny Martin, Skills Matter, Jun 2018

2 day practical workshop on public speaking covering the planning, the preparation and the delivery of a technical talk.

Fullstack Coding Bootcamp
Le Wagon - London Batch #36, Sep 2016

9 week coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap,JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails. Designed, implemented and shipped to production a clone of AirBnB and a Rails prototype of TreatOut.

Soulful PR
Janet Murray, Apr 2016

12 week coaching course on marketing and PR strategies for entrpreneurs. Delivered online.

Startup Campus For Mums
Google Campus London, Oct 2015

9 week baby friendly startup school for founders at the start of their entrepreneurial journey. Covering ideation, product development, business planning, working with developers, marketing, branding, social, funding and pitching.

HND Graphic Design
Watford College, Jul 1990

2 year print graphics - publishing, advertising, package design and corporate branding.


A Shared Language Through Design Systems
UXDX EMEA 2021, Oct 2021

I am no expert on the subject of Design Systems but what I am, is bilingual. I grew up in graphics and design was my first language. I moved to development and lived here long enough to start dreaming in code. What I am is an interpreter fast becoming adept at catching the subtle nuances easily lost in translation, acting as a go-between when designs are switched to code.

Careering Down a Different Path
D-V-8 community event, Sep 2021

How previous experience has helped me progress at speed after making a career switch from Designer to Developer.

It's Just Data
BeyondTech Conf, May 2019

Nathalie has spent the past three years working on an ambitious tech project and she's been told she’ll fail. Why? "Because it’s too hard. Because it’s too big a problem to solve." She has been told to simplify, to get data on board quickly, to create the illusion of success to gain market traction. You're all busy in the tech industry building products that pull data in and spit data out that people, your customers, use to make informed choices on a daily basis.

But do you ever stop and think about the ramifications of simplifying and brokering data without responsibility?

Because this is just data, right?

It's Just Data
ShapeOfThings Symposium, Dec 2018

Some say it's too big and too complex to execute. But Nathalie Christmann-Cooper is already radically changing how people eat and take control of our health through ingredient and menu transparency - it's only data after all.

Panel Speaker - Unconventional Paths
HSBC, Oct 2018

An HSBC event highlighting the many ways to get into tech.

Panel Speaker - Making Your Own Path
Signify Technology, Sep 2018

Signify's first Women in Tech event in partnership with Brighttalk on London Women In Tech Sharing Their Journey.

From Pantomime Donkey to Unicorn Designer
Fullstack London, Jul 2018

A designer who can code is considered a unicorn. As someone making that transition Nathalie is often quizzed - “Just how tricky is it to switch from designer to developer?” Admittedly, Nathalie sometimes feels more pantomime donkey (with very wobbly back end legs).

With that in mind, this talk is an introduction into how developers can firm up their front legs and discover a love for design. Forget the fluff and abstract theories, this gets straight to the heart of how to take the structured principles of design and translate them into logical processes.

Come away with ideas on how to keep frontend frameworks in their place, breathe personality into a project, and think like a designer. Get ready to toss away that pantomime donkey and rock the unicorn look.

Honours and Awards

Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2019 Longlist
Complied by Computer Weekly
Women In Software Powerlist 2019
Named amongst 30 winners, by Makers and Level39
Appster Awards 2016
Finalist - Most Innovative App
Finalist - Most Influential Startup
Startup - TreatOut
WeAreTheCity Rising Stars 2016
Entrepreneur category - Shortlisted
Startup - TreatOut
Kent Digital Awards 2015
Gold - Sports & Ent. category
Silver - Responsive Website
Darenth Valley Golf Course Wordpress Site